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[Master Degree] France Government Scholarship - Master’s Excellence Grants 2020-21, France (Fully Funded)

Launched by France’s President Emmanuel Macron, the Make Our Planet Great Again initiative has met with worldwide enthusiasm, generating expressions of interest from a large number of highly qualified students and researchers.

Within the framework of the initiative, France’s ministries of Europe and foreign affairs (MEAE) and of higher education, research, and innovation (MESRI) in collaboration with Campus France have implemented a program to encourage international students to pursue master’s-level training in earth systems, climate change and sustainability, the energy transition or societal challenges of environmental issues at French institutions of higher education. Master’s grants will be made annually under the program, beginning with the 2020 academic year.

The program is managed by Campus France. Interested students are invited to apply online at

International students may apply for support for one or two years of study toward a master’s degree by including in their application a letter of admission to a master’s program (first or second year) at a French institution of higher education.
Successful students will receive 
  • an excellence grant in the amount of €1,190 per month over 12 months (for students enrolling in the second year) and over 24 months (for those enrolling in the first year)
  • funding for repetition is not possible.
  • Round-trip airfare will also be provided,
  • as well as medical insurance.

Research Themes:
Four broad research themes are prioritized:
  • - earth systems,
  • - climate change and sustainability,
  • - energy transition,
  • - societal challenges of environmental issues.


Students must:
  • possess or be pursuing a French licence or an equivalent undergraduate degree (Bachelor),
  • be exclusively of the nationality of one of the eligible countries (listed below)
  • reside in one of the eligible countries (listed below)
  • not have resided in France after April 1st, 2019.
  • They must enroll in the master’s program before October 2020.
  • List of eligible countries
    • Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New-Zealand, Singapore and South Korea.

How to Apply:
Interested students should submit their study plans here. Applications must be accompanied by a:
  • CV,
  • most recent Diploma,
  • statement of purpose,
  • signed letter of admission into a French master’s program,
  • transcripts (of the past three years of study),
  • letters of recommendation (optional),
  • Passeport or proof of ID. 

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05 April 2020 

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