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[Master Degree] Master Scholarship Program From KEMKOMINFO 2020, Indonesia

In order to improve the quality and professionalism of the government apparatus, both central and regional, in the development of e-government and the role of Government Public Relations, the Agency for Research and Development of Human Resources, the Ministry of Communication and Information, holds a Masters Program in Domestic Communication and Information.

The Scholarship Program offers specialization in the Masters of Communication Science, Masters in Information Technology and Government Communication Management, and Masters of Information Security. The Master Scholarship Program has been carried out since 2007, in collaboration with public tertiary partners namely the University of Sumatra, Utara Andalas University, University of Indonesia, Sebelas Maret University, Airlangga University, Hasanuddin University, Gadjah Mada University, Bandung Institute of Technology, and Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November.

In 2020, the Ministry of Communication and Information will re-open registration for the S2 Scholarship Program for the central and regional government officials including the TNI and POLRI. This year is also open to the public.

The S2 Scholarship Program is implemented under a cost-sharing scheme with the central / regional government / work unit from which the scholarship recipient is drawn. The Ministry of Communication and Information will cover the amount of education in accordance with the SPP set by each university during the normal study period and the operational costs of Rp. 1,500,000 (one million five hundred thousand rupiah) per month to each scholarship recipient.

The central / regional / local government work unit from which the scholarship recipient will bear other costs are allowed in accordance with the provisions in force during the study period.

General Requirements:
  • Minimum 2 years of work experience;
  • Has no Masters degree and is not currently attending a Masters education program from another institution; 
  • Other requirements follow the requirements of each chosen tertiary institution; 
  • Scholarship applicants only allowed to register in the regular class.
Specific Requirements for Civil Servants:
  • Civil Servants (PNS) in Central and Regional government agencies, TNI / POLRI with active status; 
  • Minimum 2-year employment (counting from becoming CPNS for registrants from PNS ); 
  • Maximum age of 37 years when registering; 
  • For civil servants in the 3T area (Behind, Leading, and Outermost), maximum age 42 years when registering. The list of 3T regions refers to the Letter of the Directorate of Special Regions and Underdeveloped Regions, Ministry of Planning. National Development (PPN) / National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS) no. 2421 / Dt.7.2 / 04/2015 dated April 21, 2015; 
  • Obtained permission and recommendations from the authorities (minimum leader of an Echelon II level agency) in the relevant institution to undergo education; 
  • Requirements of minimum GPA standard of 3.00 for the field communication and minimum 2.90 in the field of informatics; 
  • Not intended for civil servants with functional teaching positions in educational sector agencies; specifically that must be fulfilled to take part in the Information Scholarship Program, is the task and function related to the management of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) / Information Security in the relevant institution.

Specific Requirements for General Public:
  • Indonesian citizen (WNI) 
  • The maximum age of applicants is 29 years at the time of registration 
  • Job background in the Information and Communication Technology sector and local startups; 
  • Minimum 2 years work;  
  • Not intended for participants from educational sector agencies; 
  • Getting permission from the leadership in authority to undergo education; 
  • Including recommendation letters or recommendation letters from leaders, lecturers or other figures who have credibility; 
  • Requirements for a minimum GPA of 3, 00; 
  • Other requirements following the requirements of each chosen tertiary institution are only available for the Communication / Media and Communication Science Program and the Information Technology Masters Program.

How to Apply:
Please download the Guideline HERE for applying


UI           : 01 July 2020
UGM      : July 2020
UNAND : 05 July 2020
USU       : July 2020 (Agustus 2020)
UNS       : April 2020
UNAIR  : March 2020
UNHAS : 30 May 2020
ITB        : 05 April 2020
ITS        : 10 July 2020

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