Thursday, July 16, 2020

Democratic Resilience – Youth Participation in Indonesia’s Democracy Short Term Award, Australia (Fully Funded)

Are you passionate in encouraging youth participation in the democratic processes, and finding ways to counter misinformation and disinformation? Apply for the “Democratic Resilience – Youth Participation in Indonesia’s Democracy” Short Term Award.

The course aims to enhance the civic engagement of the youth; support policy advocacy and develop strategies to counter misinformation and disinformation; improve political and media literacy skills; identify ways to connect the youth with democratic institutions; and strengthen the support for the next generation of political and civil society leaders.


This is a fully funded scholarship. Tuition fee, airfare ticket, accommodation, local transport, visa, and insurance will be covered. 

Logistics – Australia Awards Indonesia will cover the cost of:

  • Return participant travel to the pre-course workshop
  • Return participant flights from their home base to the course location
  • Return participant travel to the post-course workshop
  • Per diems to cover living expenses while attending the course
  • Travel insurance for the duration of the course in Australia
  • Accommodation during pre-course and post-course workshop and the course in Australia
  • Transportation to and from the airport, to and from meetings and site visits (including transportation to and from pre- and post-course workshops)
  • Visas to Australia
  • In Australia, participants will share two-bedroom apartments, with each person having their own bedroom
  • During pre- and post-course workshops, participants will be required to share a hotel room
  • To respect Indonesian cultural preferences, male participants will share with another male and females will share with other females

  • 1. Staff to Echelon II (government) or specialists/middle-managers (non-government) with minimum of two years of relevant experience in social and politics, CSOs, government, media or other related field. Targeted agencies and professions include:
    • Relevant Indonesian government ministries
    • Youth-focused CSOs
    • Faith-based organisations
    • Community groups / hubs
    • Media
    • Digital platforms and online communities
    • Start-up companies
    • Social media influencers
    • University students involved in social and political movement
  • 2. Applicant must be a citizen of and residing in Indonesia
  • 3. Applicant must be endorsed by his/her current manager/supervisor
  • 4. Applicant must be committed to preparing and implementing an Award Project, a small group development project as part of the course.
  • 5. Applicants are expected to have professional working proficiency in English. The applicants’ English language competency is part of the selection process. The assessment of language competency is based on a phone interview and any additional evidence provided by the applicant (proof of studies or living in an English-speaking country, working in an English-speaking environment, completion of studies in English, language courses or language tests)
  • Women and people with disability are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Gender equity will be a consideration and encouraged but not a constraint, given that participants are selected through a competitive selection process.
  • Participants will be identified through a competitive process whereby there is a call for applications; applicants submit an online application which is reviewed by Independent Panel Reviewers, Australia Awards and the Australian Embassy to explore motivation and other demonstrated competencies to ensure commitment and interest in the study program. 
Language requirements
  • The course material will be made available in English
  • Language interpretation will not be provided (language assistance with specific terminology may be provided in Australia, if required) 

Required Document:

Please prepare documents below when submitting:
  • Copy of KTP
  • Latest academic certificate (Ijazah)
  • Recommendation letter from supervisor/Business partner (for Business owner/Director)
  • Proof of English (e.g. overseas education certificate, training certificate, TOEFL IELTS, etc.)
The selection panel will convene to select up to 25 participants. The short-listed participants will be informed of the outcome by end of October 2020.

How to Apply:

Women and people with a disability are encouraged to apply. All applications must be submitted online before 20 September 2020 via this link.
  • Complete the application with your personal information based on your ID Card (KTP). You will find a Submit button at the bottom of the Last Page. You need to review your application before you can submit it.
  • Once you have reviewed your application you can submit it by clicking on 'Submit' button. You will not be able to submit your application until all the compulsory questions are completed.
  • Once you have submitted your application, no further editing or uploading of support materials is possible.
  • When you submit your application, you will receive an automated confirmation email including a copy of your application form. 

Sunday, 20 September 2020; Time 23.59 WIB