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[Diploma] Polman Astra Scholarship 2021, Indonesia

In 1995, PT Federal Motor, currently PT Astra Honda Motor, established the Federal Bina Ilmu Foundation which oversees the Federal Engineering Academy to provide solutions to the need for a reliable and skilled workforce, especially in the motorcycle industry. Along with business development, the Federal Bina Ilmu Foundation changed to the Astra Bina Ilmu Foundation (YABI) and the Federal Technical Academy became the Astra Manufacturing Polytechnic (Polman Astra). 
YABI through Polman Astra since 2009 has provided scholarships for outstanding students covering 35% of the total number of students recruited from all over Indonesia. In 2012, Polman Astra inaugurated 218 students including 48 scholarship recipients from 6 provinces in Indonesia.

Requirement (English):

  • Indonesian citizen, maximum age 19 years, proven by photocopy of birth certificate and family card.
  • SMA / SMK graduates in 2021 or currently taking class XII (as evidenced by an active student certificate for the 2020/2021 school year signed by the Principal).
  • Preferably high school students majoring in Mathematics and Natural Sciences, SMK in the field of echnology and Engineering expertise, and in the field of Information Technology expertise.
  • Physically healthy (not suffering from diseases related to lung, liver and heart) and spiritual and not color blind. 
    • For the choice of Automotive Engine (Light Vehicle Specialization) study program, do not have sensory hearing problems. 
    • Especially for the Automotive Machinery (Heavy Equipment Specialization) study program, they do not have hearing problems, preferably men, and have a minimum height of 160 cm. 
  • The grade 1 to 4 grade X and Xl semester report cards are at an average of at least 75 (B) and there is no value below 75 (B), for Mathematics, Physics, and English. 
  • Show proof of parent's income in the form of a salary slip (income statement) or a statement of incapacity from the competent official (brought during the interview selection). 
  • Register online. 
  • Upload a color photo (formal dressed portrait format) with a maximum file size of 500KB. 
  • Prepare the electricity bill documents for the last month (brought during the interview selection). 
  • Prepare an active student certificate document for the 2020/2021 school year (letters published in February 2021 and brought during interview selection). 
  • Not currently or will receive scholarships from other sources. These administrative requirements are the main reference for further processing. 
Participants who do not meet the general requirements will be dropped from the selection process.
How to Apply: (Indonesian)
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15 January 2021


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